The Power of Data in Fencing

Understand your own game and your progress. Research your opponents before you face them. Figure out their weaknesses. Know who your top threats are. Find the best clubs to improve your skills. Predict your performance.

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How to use this resource

Look up opponents

When pools are posted search your competitors on the site to see their strength.

Gauge how you finish

Look at the registration list of a tournament. It will be sorted by strength, then you will know how you are expected to finish.

Follow your progress

The strength graph shows you long and short term trends in your performance.

See how you compare

Compare yourself to your peers, clubmates, people of the same letter rating, and so on.

See where to compete

Use the club registrations page to see what tournaments people are registered at and maybe it makes sense for you to join.

Ask friends for tips

If you fence someone you don't know, see if any of your friends or clubmates fenced them before and ask what to do.

View top clubs

See the best clubs in the nation and maybe you would want to attend.

College Recruiting

See where you stand in the list of top fencers in your birth year and get noticed.